Reflections on the Class

Before taking this class, I understood the basics of systems and how they work within a building. Now, nearing the completion of the class, I feel I have stronger grasp of the concepts, some slightly stronger than others. Sadly, this class is only a semester long. If it was a year long course, the amount of depth per section would allow a great footing for creating sustainable buildings. Designing sustainably and integrating with my building design allowed me to see how systems begin to influence your design decision. Systems should always be thought along side with the design process to create a unique space. It is hard to get light into a space that you have already designated as a dark room on the top floor of a building.

In my upcoming projects, whether in school or in the profession, I plan to build off of what I learned in this class to create amazing buildings that meet LEED standards. Our generation is the next to carry on the idea of sustainable living. I plan to carry on the ideas of green roofs, photovoltaic cells, reducing energy loads, ventilating with natural air, and designing my build to meet the comfort of those who inhabit the building. Our buildings that we design have long lives. Why building something that will be efficient in production over the short run while it drains energy in the long run, when you can be productive in the long run and depend less on fossil fuels as energy. We can and will change the world in the future. It is up to us to set an example that generations after us can follow. Hopefully we will change the world for the better.

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