Creating a space that can be utilized

In each city, there are events in history that are either presented or covered up, depending on the content of the event. One guest lecturer spoke of a project in Memphis where an interstate was planned to run through Overton park and already tore through some surrounding areas, however the local community came together to protest the move and eventually winning a Supreme Court case to halt the advancement of the Interstate. He then had a proposal to create a building commemorating that crucial win for the city, in remnants of a mound that would have been used as a base of the proposed interstate. Within the mound would be a museum that would display the parks history and how the case was won. The outside of the mound would retain the qualities of a mound, with grass that would be a part of the park itself. It is creating useful space in a space that was long forgotten and never tended to after the government tore through to create the highway.

It made me think about a project that was done in Virginia Beach. Mount Trashmore is a landfill-converted-park. It took this undesirable area and created it to be one of the most popular parks in Virginia Beach. Unlike the proposed idea in Memphis, there is no program happening within the mound (thank you), however the area around, has be came a desirable place to run, boat, fly kites, and allow children to play. It became a place to stay away from due to the smell, to a place of revitalization and energy, boosting the area around it up as well in home value. By just adding one thing or revamping another can have a big influence on its popularity.

File:Mt Trashmore.jpg

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4 Responses to Creating a space that can be utilized

  1. grooms91 says:

    Jamar, this to me is a really good local example of creating a landmark out of somthing that is traditionally hidden rather than embraced as discussed in lecture. Im curious do you know what was any other proposals for Mt. Trashmore?

    • Jamar Moore says:

      I don’t know what the plan for the park was going to be honestly. I researched it and I saw that it was the first of its kind on the East Coast. My guess would be that they wanted to make the property useable again. It was the inspiration for many new landfill-converted-parks such as City View Park in Milwaukee, MN which is planned to be used as a ski ramp with artificial snow. Plus Mt. Trashmore is a great tourist trap for a tourist city. It is estimated that 1 million people use the park each year.

  2. grooms91 says:

    That is a very good point of a local example of a landmark being created from somthing that is traditonally hidden rather than celebrated. Do you know what were any other suggestions for Mt. Trashmore

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