The Solar Window

The diagram below shows the path of the sun around the Lawn. The best time of the year for optimal solar exposure is during the months of April to September and the best times of the day during this time span would be from 10 AM to 4 PM. However, there are trees that obstruct some sunlight during the day, creating a cool, shaded area during the early morning and  the late evening. As an Architect, I would design the layout of the building to correspond with path of the sun. This would mean  public areas would get the harsh southern exposure of the sun with more windows while more private areas would face the north and receive indirect light. If there was a breeze coming from the south west, the end of the lawn (Old Cabell) is about 15 feet lower than where the Rotunda is situated, so winds would have little resistance in the summer. Depending on the layout, there may be a strong wall made of concrete or brick to deflect the wind or it can be collected as a way to cool water from the north in the winter, and windows can be placed on the south to collect the breezes in the summer.


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