Systems and Architecture

Everything, in some shape or form, is a part of a larger system. Architecture is not an exception. Architecture is a comprised of  smaller local systems and and as a whole feeds into a larger global system. Systems and architecture are intertwined due to fact that there has to be some sort of demand for architecture. We can see that in real time as the real estate market is still rebounding from the current state of the economy. Less demand for new buildings means there will be less of a demands for architects and vice versa. On a lighter note, Architecture has a more simple system that it is tied in. the most basic levels may be students going to school to become architects and then those students becoming licensed architects, commissioning projects. The most basic systems branch out and connect to larger systems creating a larger network of systems.

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2 Responses to Systems and Architecture

  1. How does the education of an architect play into the larger system of the profession of architecture?

  2. Jamar Moore says:

    Education plays into the larger system of architecture in many ways. Different schools have different ways of thinking of architecture. UVA is a more abstract way of architectural design, while another school, lets say UMD, teaches a more conventional way of architectural design. This influences the patrons of the architect, who either wants a standard house that may be found in suburbs of cities or a more personal house suited for the needs of that one patron. Education also decides the role that person takes in the architectural firm. Without a license, an architectural graduate is not an official architect, which means their designs would be subject to many reviews of licensed architects who have to sign off on the project.

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